Clause 43. Link Aggregation, 43.1.1 Terminology (IEEE 802.3-2005)

この章では、特に明記しない限り、1.4に定義した通り、”Link”とはAggregation Link を、”Port”とはAggregation Portを意味します。これは読みやすさを重視するとともに、本標準(IEEE 802.3-2005)の他の章の定義と混同するのを防ぐための措置です。同様に、この章における”Key”はAggregation Key を、”System”はAggregation System を意味します。

In this clause, unless otherwise noted, the term link refers to an Aggregation Link and the term port refers to Aggregation Port, as defined in 1.4. This allows for better readability of this clause while avoiding conflicting use of these terms in other clauses of this standard. Similarly, the term Key when used in this clause is synonymous with Aggregation Key, and the term System is synonymous with Aggregation System.